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The latest stable version of Tachiyomi was released and the latest preview version was released .

Preview releases are intended for testing upcoming changes and may not be a stable experience.

Requires Android 6.0 or higher.


Check out the past release notes if you're upgrading from an earlier version.

Bug fixes

  • Fix some Cloudflare-protected websites opening blank blob: pages in WebView
  • Updated Shikimori tracker domain from ".me" to ".one" (@VlasovRoman)
  • Updated links for the updated website


Variant SHA-256
Universal c96ddb68f00db7bc5fa0c097b81cdfb3e8c670311e6271018b6355d0a992c54b
arm64-v8a 73fbb8678274bbc90878237192c9c2f7cdcfac25b8f75a81e10d65c06d524d75
armeabi-v7a cd7a5bd0b4c63f77696127c65aeb32aa2e60b2f3704f660010b9ac1e76022673
x86 c92ef3b6b1fd502b0da89e6bb0482e9d0b71d08d4c59fc60f5b147c229c4b716
x86_64 94afc05620833ae402286f4b9294d1c6301b2fbd3131546925cbde1cd2523cc4


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arkon and VlasovRoman

View the full release here