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The latest stable version of Tachiyomi was released and the latest preview version was released .

Preview releases are intended for testing upcoming changes and may not be a stable experience.

Requires Android 6.0 or higher.


Check out the past release notes if you're upgrading from an earlier version.

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash if logged into Shikimori tracker (@e-shl)
  • Fix delayed tracker update not updating chapter number properly
  • Fix download queue page count restarting from 0 (@Two-Ai)
  • Fix Spanish (Latin America) being missing from in-app language selection
  • Fix chapter progress not being saved when navigating to adjacent chapters
  • Misc. crash fixes

Behavior changes

  • Automatic library updates are defaulted to disabled


Variant SHA-256
Universal c0707b256d2521a086f573672cccfebbe8e48c5480e896decf8b31438778898c
arm64-v8a 5c662ebc699caa3961f28d69f68b391f89607e3944ceec61da1a896518478612
armeabi-v7a 19ce5d5e9a705a0305b7bc5ff81063f91f33faee5dca9ed3d2da3114c196b910
x86 a90370966b10ec146ca230f4530a21872a170533b4caf37f7d8fea0bc38ca7f3
x86_64 204d088cb4c7319b6748e190988a3ba0578de37c49b8021eacbff79ded30cd40


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arkon, e-shl, and Two-Ai

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