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Local source

Frequently Asked Questions about the Local source.

How can I import my downloaded series?

For a step-by-step process, we recommend referring to this guide.

What should I do if I can't find the Tachiyomi folder?

In case the Tachiyomi folder is not visible, create one using a file manager.

How can I resolve empty/blank covers?

Occasionally, cover images for local series might not appear.

  1. Confirm that you've organized the folder structure correctly.
    • To verify, access the series with the missing cover and see if you can read chapters within the app.
    • If not, follow the provided guide first.
  2. Capture a screenshot of the read chapters, then remove the series from your library.
  3. Navigate to More -> Settings -> Advanced and tap Clear database.
    • This action will only affect series not in your library.
  4. Return to Browse -> Sources, go to Local source and locate the series.
    • The cover issue should now be resolved.
    • Re-add the series to your library, mark your read chapters, and re-enable tracking if necessary.

Related GitHub Issue: #932