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Facing issues with a source or the app? Follow these steps to troubleshoot and find solutions.

Primary diagnosis

  1. Update Extensions: Check Browse -> Extensions for updates, no pending updates should be present.
  2. Update App: Go to More -> About and tap Check for updates.
  3. Manual Series Refresh: Drag down to manually refresh problematic series.
  4. Test Other Series: Try different series from the same source.
  5. Update WebView: Ensure your WebView is current.
  6. Public WebView: Attempt opening series in public WebView. Wait for CAPTCHA or Cloudflare protection if needed.
  7. Change Connection: Switch networks (Wi-Fi, mobile data, VPN) and confirm IP change.
  8. Collaborative Check: Get others to replicate the error.
  9. Source Status: Verify the source's status in a browser.
  10. Retry Button: Look for a retry button on the series page.
  11. Advanced Settings: Under More -> Settings -> Advanced, try these options:
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear Cookies
  • Clear Database
  • DNS over HTTPS
  1. Download Issues: Delete the queue and retry downloads.
  2. Restart Tachiyomi: Force close and reopen the app.

If any of these solutions help, go to Personalized Issue. If it is not just you, go to Widespread Issue.

An extension update may fix your issue

Wait or check for an extension update if you have not already. There are no ETAs for updates.

Personalized issue

If you're the only one facing a problem, you might be encountering Cloudflare protection, an IP ban, or other countermeasures set by website owners against programs like Tachiyomi.

To minimize future issues:

  • Avoid using downloads with the source.
  • Reduce the number of series in your library from that source.


These are general guidelines as each site has its specific undisclosed limits and triggers.

Widespread issue

When everyone experiences a problem, it could be with the extension or app:

  1. Check open issues for the app and/or extensions.
  2. Check closed issues (app/extensions) in case it's resolved but not yet released.
  3. If not found, create a new issue.


If the site itself is problematic, patience is the only solution until it becomes functional again.