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Extensions list removed

Dear Tachiyomi Community,

Due to extenuating circumstances, we have made the decision to purge our list of extensions to ensure the long-term sustainability of Tachiyomi.

As of now, Tachiyomi is transitioning to a fully bring-your-own-content model. What this means is that you can still enjoy Tachiyomi for manga reading, but you'll need to source and add your own content.

To make this transition smoother for our users, we are retaining a select few extensions that support connecting to personal "Plex-like" systems, such as Komga.

For the complete list of available extensions, please visit extensions.

We strongly encourage all users to exercise caution, and avoid utilizing extensions from unknown repositories, as they may contain malware.

It's important to note that while existing extensions may continue to work, we cannot guarantee their functionality indefinitely.

Additionally, please be aware that neither our Discord server nor our GitHub repository's issues page will provide support for unofficial extensions.

Best regards,

The Tachiyomi Team