# Troubleshooting problems

This page is for when you encounter a problem with a source or the app.

Common error messages

This is just a list of some errors. Go through Diagnosis even if your problem isn't on the list.

  • HTTP Error 4xx
  • HTTP Error 5xx
  • Unexpected URL
  • Page List is empty
  • Unable to resolve host
  • Failed to bypass Cloudflare
  • java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException
  • Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String org.jsoup.nodes.Node.attr(java.lang.String)' on a null object reference

# Diagnosis

  • Verify your extensions are up to date. (
    → Extensions, make sure no extensions have an update button)
  • Check if Tachiyomi has an update (
    then click Check for updates)
  • Try opening the manga in
    . If there is CAPTCHA, solve it and see if it helped.
  • Change your internet connection (switch to Wi-Fi, mobile data or a VPN, use a "What's my IP" site to confirm your IP has changed), then try again.
  • Ask other users to try the action that gives you the error.
  • Check if the source is either down, or is having issues in a browser.
  • Press the retry button in the middle of your manga page if one exists.
  • Try the following at
    • Clear Cache
    • Clear Cookies
    • Clear Database
    • DNS over HTTPS
  • If your downloads are getting stuck, try deleting the queue and trying again.
  • Force close Tachiyomi and reopen it.

Your issue may have been fixed in the Preview version already, just wait for a new Stable release.

If any of these help, go to it only happens to me. If it's not just you, go to everyone is having this problem.

If none of these help, try asking in our Discord Server (opens new window). State app version, source, manga and chapter with the problem.

# It only happens to me

You may be getting a CAPTCHA, may have been IP-banned, or encountered some other counter-measure that website owners deploy against programs like Tachiyomi. If that is the case, there is probably nothing that can be done about that. Some of them (like CAPTCHA) have to be manually solved, some are temporary (IP bans).

Workarounds that can lower chance of it happening again:

  • Don't use downloads with the source.
  • Have less manga in library from the source.

All of the above are very imprecise and fuzzy rules, because each site has their own, non-public limits and triggers.

# Everyone is having this problem

If the site is reachable and fully functional then there may be an issue with the extension or app.

  1. Have a look at open issues for the app (opens new window) and/or extensions (opens new window).
  2. It may have been fixed already, but not released yet, so look at closed issues (app (opens new window) / extensions (opens new window)) issues as well.
  3. If you can't find the issue there, open a new one.

If the site is not reachable or having issues then all you can do is wait for the site to become functional again.

# What are some common errors?

Java.lang Exception: Challenge not found
Loader not implemented
Value Manga is licensed at data of type java.lang.String cannot be converted to JSONObject
HTTP error 403
HTTP error 429 (Too Many Requests)
HTTP error 5xx
Unable to resolve host / Connection failed
java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException / Chain validation failed
App not installed
Attempt to invoke virtual method 'com.hippo.unifile...
Cannot Access SD Card

# Solving a CAPTCHA

Please note that WebView is not the same as using your browser.

You must solve the CAPTCHA in WebView.

How to open WebView

  1. Go to
    in the bottom navbar.
  2. Press the source you'd like to access.
  3. Press the
  4. Complete CAPTCHA if one is present.
  5. Once done, press the Back Arrow at the top left to return.

# WebView not working?

If WebView doesn't work for you, please update the Android System WebView (opens new window) app.

When you've updated go to Developer Options (opens new window) in your phone's settings and set WebView Implementation to Android System WebView.

If Android System WebView doesn't work, try setting Google Chrome as the default WebView Implementation instead.