# Tracking Info

  • Tracking done manually for every manga.
  • The last page of the chapter must be reached to have it mark the chapter as read and track it.
  • You can manually set the chapter by tapping on the number and then either entering the number in or dragging the ticker up or down.
  • After being offline, the tracker will not sync the last read chapter, even after going back online
  • Tracking is one-way. Meaning updating status in Tachiyomi will update the tracker, but updating status in the tracker will not update Tachiyomi

# Setting up Tracking


  1. Goto More → Settings → Tracking to Login
  2. Tap the tracker you would like to login to, it will automatically open the browser and lead you through the login process.

# Setting up tracking for each entry


  1. Tap the manga
  2. Tap the
  3. Tap "Add tracking" to add the manga to the tracker
    • Optional: You can change the search query