# Reader settings

This section relates to the reading experience in the app and navigating the reader.

# Default viewer Left to Right

This setting sets the reader's default direction when you open a manga.

Left to right

  • Swipe left for next page. Swipe right for previous page.

Right to left

  • Swipe right for next page. Swipe left for previous page. Default way of reading Manga.


  • Swipe up for next page. Swipe down for previous.


  • Webtoon is like vertical but stitches all the images together into one stream.


You can have different Viewer for different series. You can do this by going to the series, opening a chapter, tapping the middle of the screen, pressing the gear icon, and selecting a different viewer in Viewer for this series

# Scale type Fit screen

Scale type lets you choose how the page fits in your screen.

# Examples

All examples are illustrations and may not reflect what actually happens.


You can change scale type when reading a chapter. Tap the middle of the screen, press the gear icon at the top, select a different scale type under Scale type. This will change Scale type for all series.

# Zoom start position Automatic

Depending on your scale type the page can be wider than the screen, and with zoom start position you can choose where Tachiyomi will start on that zoomed in page.

# Examples

All examples are illustrations

# Rotation Free

This allows you to control how the screen is going to be oriented.

  • Free lets you rotate the screen between portrait and landscape.
  • Lock will lock the orientation to whatever orientation you had before entering the reader.
  • Force Portrait forces the reader to be in portrait.
  • Force Landscape forces the reader to be in landscape.

# Background color White

This allows you to control what color the background should be in reader. Background color can either be Black or White.

# Double tap animation speed Normal

Double tap animation speed changes the speed in which the zoom happens when double tapping.

# Skip chapters marked read False

This setting allows the chapters marked as read to be skipped during reading. This setting can be useful if a series has multiple scanlation groups and you want to hide one's chapters during reading.

# Fullscreen True

This setting specifies if the notification and navigation bar are to be hidden while in the reader.

# Keep screen on True

This setting determines if the device should be allowed to go to sleep while reading a manga.

# Show page number True

This settings shows the page number at the bottom of the page in current page/total page format.

# 32-bit color False

This setting decodes images in ARGB888 format to allow the reader to display more colors.


This setting will only show up on smartphones running Android 8.0 Oreo and later versions.

# Page transitions True

This setting applies a smooth transition when tapping to change page.

# Crop borders False

Tries to remove excess white borders

# Tapping True

This setting enables switching pages by tapping the sides of the screen.

# Long tap dialog True

If enabled, you can long tap on the screen to get the options to set the current page as cover, share it, or save it.

# Volume keys False

This setting allows you to flip pages using the volume keys, with the volume up button going to the previous page, and volume down going to next page.

# Invert volume keys False

Reverses the Volume keys function of volume up going to the next page and volume down going to the last page.


This setting can only be used when Volume keys setting is enabled.