# Getting started

# Installation

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.

You can download the latest version of Tachiyomi by clicking either of the above buttons. When you've completed the download, open the

tachiyomi-v0.0.0.apk file and proceed with installing it.

# Installing an extension

Now that Tachiyomi is installed, open the app and navigate to

Browse and then switch to the Extensions tab.

Find the extension that you'd like to use then press the INSTALL button next to your desired extension and then accept the installation prompt.

Security prompt

You might be stopped by a security prompt while attempting to install an extension. If that were to happen then you need to allow Tachiyomi the permission to install unknown apps.

Learn how you can do so here

# Adding manga to your library

Now that you've installed the desired extension it will show in the Sources tab. This page contains all of your sources, which is obtained through extensions, some extensions contain multiple sources.

To find and add manga, you can now use either the Latest button and explore recently updated manga from that source or you can tap on the source icon and search for it.

Now that you've presumably found manga that you want to add, click on it and then press the

Add to library button, it should now appear in your
ready to be read!

Global search

You can search for manga globally across all your sources by using

Search located in the top-right of