# Getting started

# Installation

You can download the latest version of Tachiyomi from any of the above buttons.

If you want to try new features before they get to the stable release, you can download the dev version.

Open and install the .apk file you just downloaded.

# Installing an extension

Now that Tachiyomi is installed, open the app and navigate to the Extensions tab.

In this guide we will use MangaDex, our most popular extension. Press the Install button and accept the installation prompt that will be shown.

If you're getting stopped by a security prompt and don't know what to do you can read this FAQ section: "How do I allow third-party installations?".

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# Adding manga to your library

Now that you've installed the MangaDex extension it should show up in the Catalogues tab. The items appearing here are called Sources (can also be called Catalogues), an extension can contains multiple sources.

To find and add manga, you can now either use the Latest button on your source, or you can use Browse and search for it.

Now that you've found manga that you want to add to your library, click on it and then press the blue bookmark button.

It should now appear in your My Library tab, ready to be read!

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