# Frequently Asked Questions

# Application

# General

# Will there be an iOS version?

No. There is no iOS version, and there are no plans for one. Since iOS and Android apps do not share code, it is hard to port.

# Will Tachiyomi ever be on the Google Play Store?

Google Play's content policy does not allow the APK based extension system to work. The content on some websites will lead to Google taking it down at some point, and Inorichi does not want to have to deal with it as they have stated before (opens new window).

To report Tachiyomi copycats on the Google Play Store, you can fill out this form (opens new window) following these steps (opens new window).

# How do I migrate from the F-Droid version?

Tachiyomi on F-Droid is not officially supported, so updates are not guaranteed. If you want to migrate to the official builds:

  1. Create a backup.
  2. Uninstall the F-Droid version (do not keep any app data if it allows you to).
  3. Download and install Tachiyomi.
  4. Restore your backup.

We have no intention to host our own F-Droid repo since Tachiyomi already manages updates by itself, making the usage of F-Droid redundant. For more detailed info, see this GitHub comment (opens new window).

# Can Tachiyomi read light novels or stream anime?

No, Tachiyomi is only focused on delivering a great manga experience.

# Can Tachiyomi sync between devices?

No, but you can use the backup and restore feature to save and load data between devices.

# Library

# How can I see how many chapters I have downloaded?

Enable badges by going to

Display tab and then checking Download badges.

# Why does global update skip some entries?

By default, the app does not check for updates if an entry:

  • Has unread chapters
  • Hasn't been started
  • Has "Completed" status

This avoids unnecessary heavy traffic to sources. If you have entries that get infrequent or no updates, you should consider using categories and excluding them from updates.

We recommend to keep the defaults as they are to help ensure that sources continue to work. To get updates:

  • Mark unread chapters as read
  • Ensure that at least 1 chapter is marked read
  • If an entry is incorrectly marked as "Completed", report it on GitHub (opens new window) so that the source can be fixed

If you don't want to see the skipped items notification, you can disable it at

Manage notifications (Android 8+).

# Why does the app warn about large bulk updates and downloads?

Excessive server queries and unnecessary site interaction may cause sources to employ anti-Tachiyomi tactics. Also refer to the above question. Long running update checks and downloading may also negatively impact your battery life.

Tips to reduce server load

As mentioned above, it is recommended to keep the defaults as they are, but if you are still seeing this warning message, try the following suggestions:

  • Use categories (Reading, Plan to read and Completed, or anything else that segments your library).
  • Update only the Reading category by going to
    Global update then tap Categories.
  • If the warning message still occurs, split your reading category down further by seperating entries in your library that are infrequently updated (such as monthly series or series that are on haitus) into a new category, then set global update to only update your more frequently updated reading category

# How do I ignore duplicate chapters?

Sometimes, you find a manga that is translated by more than one group. Because of this, you get multiple releases for each chapter in the manga. There are several ways to skip the duplicate chapters:

  • Enable Skip duplicate chapters under
  • Bookmark or mark as read the unwanted chapters, then tap on
    Filter and double-tap Bookmarked or single-tap Unread, respectively. This will hide any bookmarked or read chapters and skip them as you read along, as long as you have Skip filtered chapters enabled under
  • Migrate to another source that does not have duplicates. For more information on how to migrate a manga, see the migration guide.

# Why are some cover thumbnails corrupted, white, showing a broken page, or wrong?

The thumbnail download likely did not complete correctly. To fix this, refresh covers in settings.


Refresh your covers by going to

then pressing Refresh library manga covers.

# Why have some manga chapters been marked as unread when I have not touched them?

The URLs of the manga chapters have changed, so Tachiyomi detects the chapter(s) as new chapters.

# Browse

# Why can I not see sources that I have installed?

# If it is an extension that is not the same language as your device's primary language

Enable the language of the source by going to

Browse → Sources tab →
→ Turn on the language of the source you would like to use.

# If it is an NSFW extension
→ Check show in sources list.

# How do I find a manga I am looking for?

Sometimes you can struggle to find a source that has the manga you are looking to read. Here are some tips to help you find it:

Tips to find your manga

  1. Look up the manga on Google (opens new window) or a manga database such as MangaUpdates (opens new window).
  2. See if the manga has any alternate spellings or other title variations. Try searching again in your sources with the alternate titles you found.
  3. If you still cannot find the manga in any of your sources, then try to search for an extension for the website you found in step 1 in the extensions list.

# If you find the manga on a specific scanlator or aggregator and they do have an extension

Download the corresponding extension, tap on it under

BrowseSources, and then search for the manga there.

# If you find the manga on a specific scanlator or aggregator and they do not have an extension

Check if adding the site as an extension has already been requested (opens new window) and that it is not on the list of extensions that will not be added back here (opens new window). If it has not been requested and it is not on the list, you can request it here (opens new window).

If the scanlator or aggregator does not have an online manga reader, you can download the manga from their website and set up the series as a local manga.

# Reader

# Why are some images not displayed?

Aside from network issues, sometimes Tachiyomi does not register the image as existing, exit and re-enter the reader to fix this.

# Will there ever be a dual-page reader option?

The logic required to make a dual-page reader automatically work along with scanlator page inconsistencies and other issues means it is unlikely to be added at this time.

# How can I make Tachiyomi turn pages with the volume rocker? Can I reverse the tapping direction? Can I change the tapping zones?

Refer to the guides section of the site here. Refer to here if you want to use your volume rocker to navigate pages.

# Downloads

# How do I download several chapters or manga simultaneously?

The app does not allow parallel downloads from one source to prevent IP bans caused by too many requests. We know that speed is being sacrificed, but it is better than an overall inaccessible source.

However, if you download several manga from different sources, the app will start downloading simultaneously from up to five different sources.

# Why do my downloads sometimes stop midway through?

It is likely an issue to do with your connection to your network or the source. Tachiyomi will notify you of what error it has encountered trying to download.

# Why aren't my downloads being detected?

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • The download location may be inaccessible. If you are using a SD card, make sure it's detected.
  • The source name may have changed. Change the name of the source's folder to the new name.
  • The source you downloaded the manga from may have changed the title. Change the title of the folder to the new title.

# How do I cancel or change the download queue?

Go to

More → Download Queue and cancel items in the queue or cancel all items by tapping on the
next to a manga chapter or on the top right. If you would like the change the order of the queue, tap and hold the = on the side of a item in the queue.

# Can you make it possible to store manga on both internal storage and external SD-card?

At the moment, no. You could try using symlinks, but that requires having your device rooted.

Read more about rooting your device here (opens new window)

Tachiyomi adds a .nomedia file to the Downloads folder by default to prevent this from happening, but sometimes it does not work, or something goes wrong. To fix this, all you need to do is create the file yourself. Name it .nomedia and place it in your downloads folder. If you have the same problem with your local manga, place the .nomedia file in the local folder.

# Local Manga

# How do I import my downloaded manga into Tachiyomi?

We recommend you to read this guide on how to do so.

# What do I do if I cannot find the Tachiyomi folder?

If you do not see the Tachiyomi folder, create one with a file manager.

# How do I fix empty/blank covers on my local manga?

Sometimes some covers for local manga are not displayed. Follow these steps to fix it:


  1. Make sure you have created the right folder structure. To check that you have, open the manga with the missing cover and check if you can read chapters in the app. If not, follow this guide first.
  2. Take a screenshot of which chapters you have read, and then remove manga from the library.
  3. Go to
    and tap Clear database. This will only affect manga that are not in your library.
  4. Go back to the
    Local source and find the manga. The cover should be fixed now. Add the manga back to your library, mark your read chapters, and re-add tracking if needed.

Related GitHub issue: #932 (opens new window)

# Application Updates

# How do I enable automatic updates?

From version 0.9.0 and onwards, Tachiyomi has had automatic updates for the app enabled by default. The Preview version also has automatic updates enabled by default.

However, if you think you are on an outdated version, go to

and tap on Check for updates.

# Why are automatic updates not working?

Certain Android skins like MIUI have very aggressive battery saving, which can kill the app in the background. To whitelist Tachiyomi from your battery saver, go to

and tap on Disable battery optimization. If that does not work, you can also visit DontKillMyApp (opens new window) to see what battery saving options your device has and how to disable or circumvent them.

# Why is the app laggy after updating?

The UI toolkit used in Tachiyomi requires the app the be automatically optimized by the Android system over time. You should see improvements after a few days of usage.

If you know how to use ADB, you can also run the following command to trigger the optimization manually. If you are using Tachiyomi Preview or a fork, replace eu.kanade.tachiyomi with the corresponding package name.

adb shell cmd package compile -f -m speed-profile eu.kanade.tachiyomi

# Miscellaneous

# What is Tachiyomi Preview?

It is a weekly updated, beta version of the app. It contains features that may be added to Tachiyomi in the future and is more prone to bugs and crashes. It is intended for users who would like the bleeding edge of Tachiyomi as soon as it comes out.

If you are willing to use Tachiyomi Preview, be sure to turn on auto-backup to prevent losing your library due to potential bugs or crashes.

# What is a fork?

Forks are alternative versions of Tachiyomi with different features. Read more about them here.

# Why am I unable to uninstall Tachiyomi?

On Android 10, a bug was introduced that prevented users from uninstalling the app if the device has a SD card inserted. To fix the issue, please remove the SD card from the device first, then uninstall Tachiyomi.

# How do I pause reading history or go incognito?

Enable Incognito Mode by going to

More → Incognito Mode.

# Can I make Tachiyomi only read my downloaded chapters? Why am I not able to disable downloaded only?

Enable Download only by going to

More → Download only.

# What is DNS over HTTPS?

DNS over HTTPS is an experimental way of providing, as the name implies, DNS resolution via HTTPS. It provides the advantage of not being vulnerable to Man-in-the-middle attacks (due to TLS encryption in HTTPS), preventing DNS spoofing. If you would like to learn more, go here (opens new window). It allows some blocks to be circumvented without using a VPN.

You can enable this feature by going to


# What should I do if I cannot screenshot within Tachiyomi?

You have Secure Screen on, disable it if you want to screenshot by going to

→ Secure Screen.

# How do I backup my library automatically? How do I move data from one device to another?

Learn how to use the backup and restore feature here, and learn how to enable automatic backups here

# Extensions

# General

Tachiyomi does not endorse or recommend any manga source, and there is no best extension. Instead, we encourage users to spend some time trying out a few sources themselves and discover what sources work best for them. What works well for somebody else might not work well for you.

# What are scanlator sources?

Manga that are not officially licensed are translated by scanlators, who either publish on their websites or MangaDex. This practice contrasts with official sources like MANGA Plus By SHUEISHA or VIZ Shonen Jump, which host officially licensed and translated manga.

Learn more about scanlation in this Wikipedia article (opens new window).

# How do I request a new extension?

Open an issue on GitHub (opens new window) if one does not already exist. Make sure it is not on the removed extensions list here (opens new window) first.

You can find the list of extensions to download here

# How do I allow third-party installations?

If you need more help regarding this, read this (opens new window)

# How do I uninstall an extension?

Extensions for Tachiyomi are technically installed the same as standard apps. Either you uninstall them through the app section on your device's settings or do it in Tachiyomi.


To uninstall an extension from within Tachiyomi, go to

BrowseExtensions then tap Uninstall on the extension you want to remove.

# MangaDex

# How can I block particular Scanlator Groups?

The MangaDex extension allows blocking Scanlator Groups. Chapters uploaded by a Blocked Scanlator Group will not show up in Latest or in Manga feed (chapters list). For now, you can only block Groups by entering their UUIDs manually.

Follow the following steps to easily block a group from the Tachiyomi MangaDex extension:

A. Finding the UUIDs:

B. Blocking a group using their UUID in Tachiyomi MangaDex extension v1.2.150+:

  1. Go to
    Extensions .
  2. Click on MangaDex extension and then
    under your Language of choice.
  3. Tap on the option Block Groups by UUID and enter the UUIDs.
    • By Default, the following groups are blocked:
    Azuki Manga, Bilibili Comics, Comikey & MangaPlus
    • Which are entered as:
    5fed0576-8b94-4f9a-b6a7-08eecd69800d, 06a9fecb-b608-4f19-b93c-7caab06b7f44,
    8d8ecf83-8d42-4f8c-add8-60963f9f28d9, 4f1de6a2-f0c5-4ac5-bce5-02c7dbb67deb

# Mangakakalot, Manganelo, Mangabat and Mangairo

# What do Page list is empty and Source URL has changed mean?

The former Mangabox extensions have created new entries for many of the manga on their websites. The old entries are obsolete and will not work. To resolve this, migrate the manga from the source to itself to get the new entry, or better yet, to a different source entirely to avoid similar errors in the future.

# MangaPark

# How do I deal with duplicate chapters in MangaPark?

To solve this issue, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to
    Extensions .
  2. Click on MangaPark extension and then Chapter List Source.
  3. Choose an option like Smart list or Prioritize source.
  4. Go back to MangaPark's chapter list and refresh it.

# Removed Extensions

# Why am I unable to download an extension that used to exist?

Extensions tend to be removed for a variety of reasons:

  • They become too much of a cat and mouse game to maintain due to the website owners changing the site frequently to deter scrapers.
  • The site scrambles images in more than one way, making it impossible to make every image unscrambleable.
  • A scanlator team requests the removal of their site from Tachiyomi.
  • The site is paywalled.
  • Require reverse engineering another app.
  • The site has been shut down.

A list of extensions that have been removed is available here (opens new window), but it does not include sites that have gone offline.

# Split Extensions

Extensions have been split due to the sheer number of extensions in a single extension, with Madara reaching over 200 extensions at one point, making it unreasonable for both devs and users to filter through extensions. For a deeper explanation of the issue, this (opens new window) GitHub issue explains in more detail.

# What extensions have been split?

All of them have been split.

# Why does my multisource extension show up as obsolete?

The multisource extension is obsolete because it has been split. The multisource extension has been removed from the repository. It is not actually obsolete.

# How do I move to a split extension?

Install the extension that your manga is from, and then uninstall the multisource extension. If the manga shows the source as a bunch of numbers, force close the app. For known issues with split extensions, go to this GitHub issue (opens new window).

# Do I need to migrate?

No, unless expressly stated, the internal ID of sources has not changed, so migration is unnecessary.

# What if I uninstall the multisource extension before I install the singular extensions?

See what extension IDs correspond to what extensions here (opens new window).

# Android 11+

# What changed in Android 11?

In Android 11, Google began forcing users to use Scoped Storage (opens new window), which was introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop, but Google only began forcing developers to use it on Android 11. Some OEMs seem to better implement Scoped Storage than others, with some users not running into any issues while users using other device brands have multitudes of problems.

# What does it mean for Tachiyomi?

The introduction of Scoped Storage means that many storage-related functions that Tachiyomi uses may be much slower due to the inherent slowness of Scoped Storage, as outlined here (opens new window). These include deleting chapters, library load times, accessing the folders outside the data folders to download to or read from, and more.

# Is there any way to improve performance?

If you know how to use ADB, you can try the following command to enable the old general storage interface for the app. If you are using Tachiyomi Preview or a fork, replace eu.kanade.tachiyomi with the corresponding package name.

adb shell cmd appops set eu.kanade.tachiyomi android:legacy_storage allow

# Shizuku

# What is Shizuku?

Tachiyomi can use Shizuku as an alternate way to install and update extensions. It accesses system APIs to install packages directly without user input. Shizuku requires setup with ADB or root privileges. Read more about it here (opens new window).

# Do I need Shizuku?

No, only use Shizuku if you want to avoid being prompted during extension installations.

# How do I set Shizuku up?

To learn how to set Shizuku up, go here (opens new window). Once you have set it up, enable it in Tachiyomi by going to MoreSettingsAdvancedInstaller.

# What is the difference between the installers?

  • Legacy: fallback method installer if the standard PackageInstaller has issues. This is the default for MIUI.
  • PackageInstaller: The default installer. This has more features depending on the Android version, such as skipping user prompts on Android 12 when updating extensions.
  • Shizuku: See above.