# TachiyomiSY

Requires Android 6.0 or higher.

# About

This fork is based off of TachiyomiAZ and adds quite a few custom unique features, it also has new features from the latest Tachiyomi version as well as from other forks such as TachiyomiJ2K.

# Features

  • Uses the new Tachiyomi UI
  • Enhanced pages for certain sources
  • Latest tab preview configurable to show up to five sources
  • Ability to enable and disable Hentai features
  • Automatic webtoon detection, allowing the reader to switch to webtoon mode automatically when viewing one
  • Manga recommendations from both MyAnimeList (opens new window) and AniList (opens new window)
  • Lewd filter so you can hide the lewd manga in your library if you want to
  • Search tracking status in library
  • Backup saved searches
  • New E-Hentai/ExHentai features such as language settings and watched list settings
  • Source categories
  • Manga info edit
  • Enhanced views for internal and delegated sources
  • Numerous features from TachiyomiAZ

# Credits

# Disclaimer

The developer of this application does not have any affiliation with the content providers available.