# TachiyomiJ2K

Requires Android 6.0 or higher.

# Introduction

TachiyomiJ2K is maintained by Jays2Kings (opens new window).

This fork takes a new approach to the design of the base app along with several other enhancements.

# Features

  • New Manga details screen
  • New Recents page
    • Providing quick access to newly added manga, new chapters, and to continue where you left on in a series
  • Automatic background based on manga page
    • For those that like having a white background to match the content, this will automatically set the background to match for moments such as a flashback section of a manga.
  • Reader seekbar overrides switch app gesture in Android 10, so no more accidents for that
  • New material snackbar
    • Removing manga now auto deletes chapters and has an undo button in case you change your mind.
  • Library specific enhancements
    • Library Categories are stacked vertically
    • Per-category/Drag & drop sorting
    • Multi-source migration
  • Share sheets upgrade for Android 10+
  • Batch Auto-Source Migration from TachiyomiEH (opens new window)
  • Expanding manga thumbnails
  • A lot more Material Design 2 additions