# TachiyomiAZ

Requires Android 5.0 or higher.
The BEST fork --az4521

# Introduction

TachiyomiAZ is maintained by az4521 (opens new window).

This fork is based off of TachiyomiEH (opens new window). It has most features and fixes from Tachiyomi, as well as features from TachiyomiJ2K. It has decided to keep the hamburger menu style of navigation, compared to the other forks that are moving to the new bottom navigation style. Anime support is coming "soon™"

# Features

Special Sources (integrated plus added features)

  • E-Hentai/ExHentai
  • nHentai
  • Hitomi.la
  • 8Muses
  • HBrowse
  • Perv Eden

Delegated Sources (Sources with added features if installed)

  • Puruin
  • Tsumino
  • HentaiCafe (Foolside)

From EH:

  • Save Searches for use later
  • AutoScroll
  • Boost Page (force redownload page)
  • Page download thread customization
  • Predownload the whole chapter while reading (Optional)
  • Retry immediately instead of wating for the rest of the preloaded pages to finish downloading
  • Customize image cache size (how much space Tachiyomi has available to store future pages)
  • Sync your favorites with your EHentai/ExHentai account
  • Batch import E-Hentai/ExHentai URLs (import single URLs by pasting them into the source search box)
  • Automatic CAPTCHA solving

From EH and fixed/changed:

  • Auto Migration (Originally from EH, it was then improved in J2k, and we have reintegrated the J2k version)
  • Merged Sources (Merge 2 or more versions of a manga to get chapters from all of them)
  • App and notification lock with fingerprint and PIN unlock
  • Fixed Tsumino and Hitomi
  • Language filtering search options for nHentai
  • Random bugfixes

Original AZ Features:

  • Maintained hamburger navigation
  • Grid view corner rounding configuration
  • Manga recommendations