# Neko

Requires Android 7.0 or higher.

# About

This is a MangaDex (opens new window) specific fork of Tachiyomi and TachiyomiJ2K. This contains features specific to MangaDex that those versions cannot offer. It also features almost every feature that J2K has except for extensions (aka other sources), custom covers, and local manga.

# Mangadex specific features:

  • Supports native login to MangaDex and supports 2FA
  • MDList support
  • Similar Manga recommendations
  • Manually sync of Manga to and from MangaDex follows list
  • MDList tracked manga can be auto marked read in app after reading on the website
  • Ability to filter chapters and skip by scanlator group

# Credits

# Disclaimer

The developer of this application does not have any affiliation with the content providers available.