# Forks

Forks are alternative versions of Tachiyomi with exclusive features.

# Neko

This MangaDex focused fork enhances your reading with native integration and recommendations. Some features include:

  • Option to merge missing chapters from another source
  • Same UI and features of J2K minus editing manga/cover
  • Built in manga recommendations

# TachiyomiJ2K

This fork takes a new approach to the design of the base app along with several other enhancements. Some features include:

  • New Manga details screen and New Recents page
  • Dynamic Categories
  • Automatic background based on manga page

# TachiyomiAZ

This fork is based on TachiyomiEH (opens new window), it has most features and fixes from Tachiyomi, as well as features from TachiyomiJ2K. It has decided to keep the old hamburger menu style of navigation, compared to the other forks that have moved to the new bottom navigation style.

Some features include:

  • Built in sources of many popular hentai sources with additional features.
  • Manga recommendations from MyAnimeList and AniList
  • Grid view corner rounding configuration

# TachiyomiSY

This fork is based on TachiyomiAZ and adds quite a lot of unique features. It has the same new UI as the latest Tachiyomi version. And at the same time, it also shares quite a lot of features from both Tachiyomi and TachiyomiJ2K.

Some features include:

  • Enhanced pages for certain sources
  • Latest tab preview configurable up to five sources
  • Ability to enable and disable hentai specific features