# Forks

Forks are alternative versions of Tachiyomi with exclusive features.

# Neko

Maintained by CarlosEsco

This MangaDex focused fork enhances your reading with native integration and recommendations.

# TachiyomiJ2K

Maintained by Jays2Kings

This fork takes a new approach to the design of the base app along with several other enhancements.

# TachiyomiAZ

Maintained by az4521 and Syer10

This hentai focused fork is based off of TachiyomiEH, it has most features and fixes from Tachiyomi, as well as features from TachiyomiJ2K. It has decided to keep the hamburger menu style of navigation, compared to the other forks that are moving to the new bottom navigation style.

# TachiyomiEH Deprecated

Maintained by NerdNumber9

This fork adds features that enhances the hentai experience with integrations to popular sevices such as E-Hentai, nHentai and more.

At the moment, it is deprecated as the developer does not have time to maintain it. Use TachiyomiAZ instead.